Stacia - Gallery

Al and Sharon, prayer, Mount Taylor. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeAlex and his mother, Sharon, at Mary's funeral. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeAlice dies, Revival. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeAurelia, eating candy during the slaughter. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeCeremony. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeChamisa and her mom. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeDusk, Jeddito. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeGoing to the windmill. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeGoldtooth Dies. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeGoldtooth on his 100th birthday. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeHeather, herding her family's sheep. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeJeddito, where the Begay sisters once herded sheep. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeLena, cooling off Churro rams at the springs. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeLena, spinning wool with Rachel and Aurelia. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeLyle McNeal, the sheep man - haastin dibé - bringing the Churro back to the Navajo Nation. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeMary teaches her granddaughter Heather how to be a strong Navajo woman. Nighttime, Kinaaldá. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeRaymond, gathering water at the windmill. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeRunning west to meet the Holy People. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeShawn, picking juniper berries in the corral. © Stacia Spragg-BraudeYucca bath, letting go of grief, returning to the beauty way. © Stacia Spragg-Braude